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last updated on 05/05/2020

it is advisable that you read the terms of use stated herein before using Discountapartner.co.uk (we, us), by using the site, we will assume that you indicate acceptance to the terms stated herein. If you do not agree with the terms of use, please discontinue using our website/apps or anything we may be affiliated with. Upon amendment if the terms of use at any given time Discountapartner will update our users with the change if we feel the change is significant enough to do so, the change will be notified through email or a notice on the website homepage.

Information regarding the website

our website is operated by Discountapartner limited. The site is registered in the United Kingdom.

Exclusion clause

due to maintenance and unforeseen errors there may be times when our website may not be accessible or unavailable for a limited time period. Access to the website may also be restricted at times to our registered users.

We will not be liable for any inconvenience caused during this time.

To access the site

to be a registered user of our website and to enjoy our services you must comply by the following: you must be at least 18 years of age in order to register. Only one person can register on one email address. Please keep your login details confidential and do not share it with any third-party about us

Discountapartner.co.uk are providers of digital coupons, promotional codes, money saving tips, exclusive deals. Discountapartner.co.uk along with different networks and affiliations provide you a service which includes money saving techniques and reviews or opinions of other buyers regarding a certain retailer or product. We evaluate others opinions regarding their experience with a certain service provider. We allow you to redeem coupons and promo codes found on our website with different retailers across the United Kingdom.

accepting our terms

if you opt to use , access or contribute towards our website into consideration for our service we will imply that you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned herein. As mentioned above if you disagree with our terms and conditions, please discontinue use of our services immediately.

Registering with us

you do not have to register with us you can get access to some our services without registering, but if you wish to enjoy our services you must become a registered user. You must also provide us information that is true to your knowledge and represents your current situation furthermore, you must keep your information updated.

Secure browsing

whilst registering with us you must provide your email address, name and choose a password. The user is responsible for keeping this information confidential and safe, moreover, you must refrain from passing this information on to a third party. If you notice any unauthorized activity from your account, please notify us immediately.

Privacy protection

we aim to protect the privacy of our users, for more information regarding how we secure our user’s privacy please visit our privacy policy. When you accept this agreement you also accept the privacy policy.

Information for users.

Discountapartner.co.uk reserves the right to delete the contract you have post on our website without prior notice, the comments on our website do not go through pre-screening and are reviewed occasionally. when you post or comment on our website you hereby agree the following • the content you are posting is owned by you and you have the intellectual property rights to post the information • the content you have posted is accurate, true and honest, as far as you are concerned the content is based on facts • you will follow the posting guidelines of Discountapartner.co.uk when posting.

you hereby declare that you refrain from posting any content that is adult in nature, may amount to pornography, the content is explicit in nature, you must not post any nude pictures, obscenity, we will not tolerate content that promotes hate speech, racism, or any content that promotes spam, phishing or pirated content

ownership of content

content posted to our website does not belong to us, however, when you post content on our website you are hereby implying permission for us to allow this content to be displayed on discountapartner.co.uk. If you want your content to be deleted please contact our customer support representative and let them know they will comply by your request. You must provide a satisfactory reason for us to delete the content you have posted.


discountapartner.co.uk are not responsible or liable for removing any content from our website or complying with our user’s request. We exclude liability for any warranties that are implied or expressed which include liability from unfit goods, counterfeit products from merchants or items unfit for the intended purpose. we strive hard to ensure we offer an impeccable service, but will not be liable if any of the following services fail:

• we will work hard to ensure that our services comply with your requirements
• we provide a secure service that is timely and in most cases will be without error
• we deliver reliable and to the point information
• your information that has been disclosed to us will not be forwarded
• you must agree to our terms and conditions in order to enjoy our services.

We will not be liable for any loss which is unforeseeable or it is likely that this circumstance will occur. Certain liabilities cannot be excluded under the legislation such as death or injury and we cannot exclude liability for such a situation if such a situation is to occur, which is unlikely.

account termination

your account will be terminated if you fall into any of the following categories: if the user does if the user commits a fraud on our website you can terminate your account upon request by emailing us if your account is terminated we will refund any outstanding payments provided that these payments are due and payable such as refunds or rewards

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